Leg in TrikonasanaThe ideal beginner for any aerial yoga style

  • has a decent background and practice of floor yoga and
  • wants to progress into deeper and new experiences
  • with plenty of fun on the way
  • & enjoys an occasional workout

However it is absolutely possible to start Sanjana Yoga without any prior experience of Yoga.
It is still a good idea to attend floor classes regularly with your Aerial practice for two reasons :

  • It helps to deepen your understanding of basic yoga postures when also practicing without the hammock. Which makes it easier to focus for beginners. This will speed up your learning curve.
  • The floor favours forward bending, whereas the hammock leads typically easier towards backbends.
    To balance these two directions, we use the floor as well in a regular Sanjana Aerial Yoga Class, but a regular floor practice is still more forward-bendy. You may see floor Yoga and Aerial Yoga as two halves that enhance each other. Each by itself is great, but the two together are more than their sum.