HH CL HandstandSanjana Aerial Vinyasa Teachers  :

Lucas : creator of Sanjana Aerial Vinyasa Yoga. Co-owner & founder of the Antaratma Yoga Shala Innsbruck.
He started practicing floor yoga in the 90th. His studies have brought him to india (mysore, chennai and others) and australia, where he also had the pleasure of meeting his future wife.
His practice is deeply rooted in what is now know as Vinyasa Yoga. In 2013 he became an Unnata┬« teacher and soon also Unnata┬« advanced teacher. Without realizing at first, he started deviating in his practice into a Vinyasa style of Aerial Yoga - Out of necessity :) which still is clearly using the background of Unnata, but is specialized on the flow & dynamic use of the hammock hanging from two points.

Jule : ...loved Aerial Yoga right from the start. One could claim that she became an Yoga teacher just to become an Aerial Yoga teacher :) - she has practiced Aerial Yoga since 2013 with Lucas and made him do a teacher training in 2015. She has paused her Aerial Teaching to create & nurish life :)